Would You Dare Traveling on Bolivia’s Road of Death?

How many of you would like to have the thrilling biking experience along one of the most undeniably dangerous roads in the world? If you want to add the death-defying element into it, then you should go to the Road of Death in Bolivia right away.


Originally known as The North Yungas Road, it is a 69 km long road stretching from La Paz to Coroico, a small town at the Amazon’s entrance. This way, the winding road that runs through the Cordillera Oriental mountain chain, connects the Amazon rainforest to Sucre, Bolivia’s capital. The highest point during the route is 15,260 feet above sea level at La Cumbre Pass.


It may come as a surprise that the notorious road with incredible views was not constructed by Bolivian people. Instead, Paraguayan prisoners caught during the Chaco War were given the task of building the road in the 1930s. An alternative newer road has also been completed in 2009.

World’s Most Dangerous Road

The road got its name because of the high death rate. According to the reports, almost 200-300 people were killed every year until 1994. The next year, it was given the title of “World’s Most Dangerous Road” by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Reasons for High Death Rate

Cyclist cycles across a sharp slope

900 meters high cliffs faced with continuous rain, single-lane road, lack of any guard rails, and limited visibility – all these factors are known to be the reason for accidents to occur. Moreover, the sharp 3-meters hairpin turns are there. Buses and trucks loaded with people often went down the side of the cliff while overtaking each other, resulting in the loss of so many common people. And hence, one finds an upsetting number of crosses and altars at various points along the Death Road.

Alternate Route Constructed

The good thing is that an alternate route has been developed in 2009 for motorists to travel from La Paz to Coroico without fearing for their lives. Regarding the actual road, it has been modernized after two decades of hard labor work. Presently, it has two lanes, asphalt pavement, proper guard rails, and drainage system to some extent as well. Even with the improved setting, there is no assuredness of safe drive through the mountains. Local workers and daredevil bikers are the victims now.

Death Road Tours

Bike on death road Bolivia

Ever since the 1990s, the notorious road has been the favorite place for thrill-seeking bike riders. If you are a faint-hearted beginner, then this exhilarating yet frightening road is not meant for you to take a ride on. Several Death Road Tour companies operate with different pay packages ranging from $50 to $130. The cheaper the package, the more unreliable and unprofessional the tour is. Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking is considered to be one of the highest-ranked biking companies whose tour starts with $124.

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