Wonderful Different Colored Beaches in the World

Why head to a boring white or yellow sand beach when you can visit blue, pink, black, or green colored beaches? Yes, you read it write. Beaches around the world come in various shapes and unusual colors. And trust me; you cannot get enough of them. The reason for diverse sand color is because of waves banging against different sorts of materials. These can be shells, corals, rocks, or glass.

Now you can enjoy your beer with tempting seafood in bright sunlight and serene blue water washing beautiful colored sand in front of your eyes. Wait for no further and enrich your beach holiday fantasies by embarking on these beautiful and breathtaking beaches.

Pink Sand Beach

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Located in Harbor Island of Bahamas, the shoreline consists of powdery pink sand. The reason for this pigmentation is the washing up of coral remnants which are grinded to petite little pieces by the surf pressure.

Black Sand Beach

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Very unique jet black colored sand is found at the Punaluu Park in Hawaii. The gorgeous sand is formed by Basalt lava which after exploding rapidly cools into the sea.

Whitest Sand Beach

white sands of Hyams Beach

This beach in Hyamas in New South Wales of Australia has the Guinness World Book title of having the whitest sand beach on the planet, Earth. Holidaying on the beach gives the feel of snow playing in summers.

Green Sand Beach

Green Sand In Kourou

Another stunning beach of Hawaii is the green sand beach of Papakolea. The presence of magnesium mineral olivine gives the sand a green color. This is formed after lava is cooled in seawater.

Bioluminescent Beach

illumination of plankton at Maldives

The famous Maldives beach that looked like starry night sky looks so unreal and yet so beautiful. Strolling on the sand is like walking on blue stars in your dream. All thanks to microscopic phytoplankton which glows and glitters when agitated by the surf.

Red Sand Beach

red sand beach, Rabida

The red sand beach of Rabida in Galapagos is another striking sight to witness. The red color is formed due to two reasons. Firstly, oxidation of lava deposits which are rich in iron and secondly, washing up of coral sediments.

Purple Sand Beach

purple sand beach, California

California’s Pfeiffer beach has purple sand in patches in its northern part. Manganese garnet deposits in the nearby hills get eroded and washed down the creek to the beach.

Multicolored Beach

Glass beach in Fort Bragg

California’s glass beach in Fort Bragg is a very famous tourist spot as well. The trash dumped by the locals over a long period of time transformed into little pieces of degraded glass by waves washing it away. It’s not legal to pick the multicolored trinkets and dumping at this site has been banned now.

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