Visiting France on Budget

Have you ever thought about a trip to France? But budgetary constraints overshadowed your plans? You are not alone; many people think so. However, if you organize and plan your trip properly, you can save a lot of pennies and enjoy visiting the best places in France within a budget. Here is a quick guide to planning a budget trip to France.

Travel in Off-Season

Boats at a river in France

The season in which you plan your trip makes an immense difference. The most popular seasons in which a huge number of tourists visit France are spring and summer. But if you plan your trip in off-season; you will find fewer tourists, pristine landscapes, and cheap accommodation.

Find Cheap Flights to France

Cheap flight to France

Looking for cheap flights? You should book your flights well before your intended trip date to get a decent fare. Also, keep checking out airfare deals, if you luckily find some, it can save you a lot.

Cheap Accommodation in France

Cheap accommodation in France

France has many lavish and famous hotels, but we will talk about cheap accommodation options. To save some bucks, you can rent an apartment and go for a self-cooking option. The French government also allows visitors to stay at farms. There you will get various options ranging from no-electricity camping to bed-and-breakfast deals.

Cheap Transportation in France

Train in France

France has an extraordinary and well-connected rail system. If you are interested to go for longer trips, you can buy a monthly pass and travel everywhere you wish. But if you are planning to visit more places and require brief duration rides, buses are the best option. France’s bus system is very efficient and there is no place where you cannot reach by bus. So, if you plan your trip properly by checking the bus’s schedule in advance, you can easily travel in the budget as buses are a cheap option. However, if you have a strict schedule and visiting only a few cities is on your list, then go for flights. Check-in advance the cheap domestic flights to avoid difficulty and keep the trip within your budget.

Cheap Dining in France

Cheap pretzels in France

So, you are a food lover and fascinated by France’s famous food? Food is one of the things France is famous for. Meals served in some restaurants are extravagant and costly, but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy famous French dishes if you are on a budget. For breakfast, you can opt for the bakery and pastry shop, even the displays there will be a feast to your eyes. The normal breakfast of a bakery will cost you a nominal amount. As an alternative option for breakfast, you can find various locally grown fruits in local markets. For the remaining part of the day, the best option is to combine a larger meal with a duo of snacks.

Cheap Sightseeing in France

Tourist spot in France

In major cities, you can get a 2- or 3-days pass at the local tourist office or in some hotels. The pass will benefit to use public transport for free. You will also get a free entry to most of the museums and tourist sights.

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