Top Attractions and Activities To-Do in Switzerland

Located in the middle of the Alps, this beautiful landlocked country Switzerland provides a perfect place to spend the summer holidays. The clean atmosphere with stunning nature all around you makes it a perfect destination. If you are a photographer or a nature lover, visiting Switzerland is the icing on the top.

Other than the Swiss chocolates, Swiss cheese, and the Swiss clock, Switzerland has a lot to offer. Considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it is no less than a fairytale beauty. With its crystal clear lakes, the snow-covered Alps, lush green countryside and picturesque valleys; the place is like a heaven for everyone who loves to enjoy and appreciate nature.

Lying in the center of France, Germany, Austria, and Italy, multiculturalism is easily witnessed. Many cultural attractions like museums, galleries historic buildings are found throughout the country. Although Switzerland is a small and landlocked country, yet it has so many beautiful places for tourists to cherish. Following is the list of shortlisted places that you should not miss at all while visiting this piece of paradise on earth.


Interlaken Switzerland

Lying between Lake Thun to the west and Lake Brienz to the east, Interlaken was once a watchmaking center but later emerged to be a tourist spot. People started coming here for fresh mountain air and getting spa treatments, thereby increasing its popularity. People come here to value the sight of the three famous Swiss mountains, the Eiger, the Jungfrau, and the Monch which provide an excellent opportunity for alpine adventures e-g hiking, abseiling, snowboarding, kayaking, skiing, etc. Multiple railways, cable cars, ski lifts, chair lifts are there to take you to the top where you can see have plenty of sightseeing.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Switzerland

Lake Geneva share shores with many popular cities like Geneva, Lausanne, and Montreux.  This is Europe’s largest Alpine Lake as well. River Rhone coming from France spills in the Lake Geneva. Geneva boasts headquarter of United Nations, International Red Cross Committee and 20 other international organizations. Lake Geneva has a long fountain Jet d’Eau which shoots water 150 meters into the air. Similarly, Montreaux hosts its famous Jazz festival in summers every year.


Lausanne Switzerland

The second-largest city on Lake Geneva, Lausanne, is another stunning city not only for the tourists but especially for the athletes as it is home to the International Olympic Committee. The city is considered to provide one of the best ski slopes on the globe. It is a French-speaking region just like Geneva because of its proximity to France. It has wonderful cathedrals and outdoor places. Over the centuries, it has always been a famous place with writers’ e-g Lord Byron and Ernest Hemingway.


Lucerne Switzerland

Famous for its music feel, this beautiful city of Lucerne conducts the International Music Festival annually in one of the leading concert halls in the world. Besides this, the city has everything; city life, lake, mountains, bridges, historic buildings, waterfront promenades, and fountains. The 14th century Chapel Bridge and Water Tower is believed to be the most photographed monument in Switzerland. Lion monument showing the structure of a dead lion depicts Swiss mercenaries who died in France during the French Revolution. You also would like to try Luzerner Chügelipastete which is a local specialty made from puss pastry, cream sauce, and mushrooms.


Matterhorn Zermatt

Matterhorn is one of Switzerland’s highest mountains and Zermatt is one little lucky town that lies right to it. Furthermore, gasoline-driven vehicles are strictly not allowed here, instead, you can use only battery-powered cars. So you can imagine the clean environment the fantastic site offers with ample options for skiing and mountaineering. A town is an ideal place for walking and you can visit this place through scenic train routes.  A cable car is also available for the skiers and hikers.


Bern Switzerland

Swiss capital of Bern is a medieval city with a history as old as the 12th century. However, it became part of Swiss in the 16th century. Its medieval town is labeled as UNESCO’s world heritage site. The capital boasts Switzerland’s tallest cathedral with its panoramic views. Besides, it has an ancient clock tower known as Zytglogge with moving puppets. One of the longest shopping arcades of almost 6 kilometers called ‘Lauben’ is made for shoppers in the old town. Bern has a big bear park as well which is kept in an open air-pit. Other popular sites include the Rose Garden, Bern Museum of Art and Munster, a Gothic Cathedral.

Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau Switzerland

Whether it is summers or winters, the joyful rail trip of the Jungfrau region is a must adventure you need to undertake. It consists of three might mountains i-e Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau and four striking towns’ i-e Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Murren, and Wengen. The whole area boasts dramatic landscapes with an extensive network of railways and different paths for all types of travelers. The amazing rail trip starts from the Kleine Scheidegg Mountain and takes you through the Eiger and Monch up to the Jungfrau.

Lugano and Ticino

Lake Lugano Switzerland

Ticino is the only official Italian speaking canton in Switzerland and Lugano is its most popular summer resort. The city is commonly known as “Monte Carlo of Switzerland” as it is so famous among celebrities. Plenty of figs, palms, citrus, and pomegranates are found in its warm pleasant climate. Its classic music festival is quite famous. In the neighboring areas of Lake Lugano, there is a distinct feel of Italy visible in its architecture, the pizzas and resident’s passion for fine food. Several historical sites are well preserved, for example, three cathedrals, three castles, two libraries, and several museums.


Zurich Lindenhof Hill

The financial capital of the country, Zurich is Switzerland’s biggest city. The diverse city has a lot to offer with more than 100 art galleries and 50 museums at least. Kunsthaus Zurich and Reitberg Museum are the famous ones with an amazing collection from various countries like India, China, and Africa. Another major spot is the Tourist National Museum located in a fairytale castle, showing its rich cultural history. If you get tired of shopping and would like a peaceful time then you can stroll around the Lake Zurich or have boating fun or go hiking in Uetliberg Mountain.

Zermatt Mountain, Switzerland, tourist tram

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