Top 5 Destinations for Traveling and Working Nomads

Digital nomads are lucky people who have the freedom of working independently of location with the help of technology i.e. laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Isn’t it a splendid idea? Are you also captivated by it but don’t know how to plan it all? It is a tough decision to choose the best destination for remote work – one should keep in mind a lot of factors, such that the location must have some basic things like the internet for travel nomads and it should be cost-effective too.

We have compiled a list of top 5 destinations for traveling and working nomads to help them out. Have a look at the pros and cons, and then decide for yourself!

Canggu, Bali

working nomad destination Canggu, Bali

One of the topmost favorite location for travel nomads nowadays is Bali. It once used to be a favorite place for hippies, but now it has become the center of attention for nomads round the globe. Bali has everything for digital workaholics – varying from high-speed internet cafes to the finest shopping places and beautiful and inspirational spots.  What’s better than working and enjoying the picturesque beauties of Bali?  Moreover, you can choose your own lifestyle and decide to either live on very cheap rates or you can drain all your money on expensive luxuries. The choice is all yours!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

working nomad destination Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is famous for its architectural and cultural diversity. The place is magnificent and full of exquisite charms. If you are a travel nomad curious about distinct cultures and adore the remarkable architectures, you will surely find a feeling of peace here. Let your heart sink in a peaceful atmosphere while staying at Buenos Aires. The place is a heaven to live cost as you can easily find a low-priced accommodation here along with world-famous cafes with top internet speeds.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

working nomad destination Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another wonderful place for world nomads is the beautiful and capitative mountainous city named Chiang Mai.  If you are a nature lover, and always try to explore the exquisite beauties of nature, then it is the most beautiful city of Thailand. Chiang Mai is famous for its ancient temples. Besides, its attractive historic places, it is a very cheap city for travel nomads – they can get low-priced accommodation, food, and free yoga sessions. Choose Chiang Mai as your workplace, and we ensure that you will live a healthy lifestyle surrounded by glorious beauties of nature.

Budapest, Hungary

working nomad destination Budapest, Hungary

Planning to move to Europe? Well, Budapest is a wonderful option. It is a beautiful city in Europe and the best part is that; it is one of the cheapest cities as well! It is a historical city famous for its eye-pleasing natural beauty, rich architecture, and museums. You can roam around the city safely and have easy access to high-speed internet and cafes.

Krakow, Poland

working nomad destination Krakow, Poland

Are you always fascinated by a pleasant atmosphere and nightlife? Krakow is the right place for you. Although it is a little chilly in winter but during summers, its environment is comfortable and soothing. Working here will surely bring you positive vibes and soothe your mind. The accommodation here is very cheap. You will have effortless access to high internet speeds and amazing cafes.

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