Most Unique Airbnbs around the World 2020

Airbnbs are a big savior, especially for the tourist. Whether you want to enjoy a starry night in a geodesic dome in Chile or experience the calmness of a treehouse deep in the dense forest somewhere or cherish the medieval feel of the castle, Airbnbs’ rental facilities have all covered it up for you. Gear up and pack your bags right now for some thrilling accommodation during your travels.

The amazing service kicked off in San Francisco back in 2008 and ever since then, it has spread all over the world. Not all of the accommodations are similar. Some are very cheap with price starting as low as 34$ per night while some are quite outlandish.

Following is an impressive list of homes that are unique, funky, and cool and provides us with some serious travel inspirations right away.

Amethyst Crystal Dome in Bali (Cost: $90+ per night)

Amethyst Crystal Dome in Bali

Just 15minutes drive from the city center; the two-story dome-shaped house is located in every tourist’s most favorite travel spot destination, Ubud in Bali. It accommodates two guests and has a king bed on the mezzanine. Surrounding the eco-friendly house (as it consists of bamboos and natural materials) are vast rice fields and jungle views. You can enjoy the view from its skylight.

Sea Shell House in Mexico (Cost: $299+ per night)

Sea Shell House in Mexico

The famous seashell house in Isla Mujeres is an incredible architectural wonder and a unique Airbnb rental. The house boasts a big private pool with a balcony alongside it. Two king beds and a kitchen make it a perfectly serene place to immerse themselves in its ambiance. With no vehicles allowed in the area and beaches and Snorkel Park within walking distance – this place surely is a treat to many.

Snow Igloo in Finland (Cost: $147+ per night)

Snow Igloo

Experience the exhilarating once in a lifetime experience by booking an Airbnb in Pelkosenniemi. According to the owner, snow igloo is cozy. Guests can easily sleep inside the ice doom watching Northern Lights. Be sure to come fully packed with a warm hat, thermals, and thick socks.

Treehouse in Atlanta (Cost: $375+ per night)

Treehouse in Atlanta, US

The famously isolated treehouse in the Georgia state of USA has been featured on many shows including the Today Show and is still considered to be the most wished Airbnb’s accommodation. The suite has three fully furnished rooms set inside the forest. The simple and restful treat is ideal for two people who can fall asleep listening to nature’s sounds.  The three rooms are connected by rope bridges and are adorned with artifacts, antique furniture, and a cozy bed with luxurious linens.

Cave Hotel in Cappadocia (Cost: $70+ per night)

Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

The amazing topography of Turkey’s region makes it so distinctive from other places. Commonly referred to tall and cone-shaped rock formations as “Fairy Chimney”, the locals have constructed cave hotels underneath them. Staying in such a hotel and waking up to the views of hundreds of hot air balloons rising is a must experience. Do not forget to have an air balloon ride while you visit Cappadocia.

Maarten’s Windmill near Amsterdam (Cost: $340+ per night)

Maarten’s Windmill in Amsterdam

Among many Airbnb’s rentals around Amsterdam, staying overnight in this historic windmill is the best option. The spacious three-bedroom abode is ideal for six people and can become very affordable if shared. The cozy place features a living area with a fireplace, a kitchen, a bath, and two toilets. The garden outside offers a beautiful view of the countryside. Renting a bike for a mere €7.50 /day is also available.

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