Future of Travel: E-Bikes Gaining Momentum

Do you know that the sale of electric bikes (aka e-bikes) soared by an immense 91% from 2016 to 2017 alone? Yes, that is what the firm NPD Group’s research claims. In 2018, more e-bikes were sold in comparison with the traditional bike sales in Netherland. The emerging $77.1 million industry is nowhere to slow down and the day is not far when you would also be riding an e-bike.

Let us go through the following trivia facts to know why they are quickly gaining popularity.

Easier Pedaling

E-bikes are simple cycles with battery-powered assists which can be either pedaling or throttle. Pushing on the pedals of this unique bike would engage a small motor which would give you a little boost. This would, in turn, help you to pass through rough terrain while saving enough energy for sightseeing tours. You can reach your destination more easily.

Another class of e-bike comes with throttle which activates the engine with the pressing of a button. Although, it is less of pure cycling experience non-cyclers first tend to use this type of cycling before moving onto pedal-assist ones. People who have lost strength in their legs as of some illness or age factor can easily enjoy riding the bike.

Great Speed

The more force you apply to the pedal, the faster you will ride just as is the case of accelerators in the cars. The e-bikes go pretty fast but almost not as fast as cars (except in cities and villages where the speed limit for cars is 50km/h). The average speed of e-bikes can be 32 km/h (20 miles/hour) which varies from bike to bike, giving you ample time to enjoy the scenery as well.

How big of an assist you need, say while moving uphill, can be controlled by adjusting the boost setting from eco to turbo i-e from low to high power.

Future of Travel, E-Bikes gaining momentum
Countless Variants

The beauty of e-bikes is that there are options for everyone and every type of riding. You name it and that specific e-bike is there. Cargo, hardtail, commuter, recreational, full-suspension mountain, and a lot more styles are there to ensure the rider’s comfort. Besides, people with dissimilar fitness levels can now cycle together. Stragglers can easily catch up with the sportier ones.

Cheaper Maintenance

Although e-bikes are not cheap, they can save you a considerable amount of money. It is like a one-time investment. Initially, you’ll need at least $1500 for a decent bike and once you have bought it, very little is required for its maintenance. Let’s give you an estimate. To fully charge its battery, the cost is just half a dollar. So e-bikers have an easy and affordable way to commute to work each day. However, the price of the bike can vary from $2500 to $5000 depending on the motor system of which the renowned manufacturer used.

Going Green

The greenest way to replace cars is to use an e-bike. There is no fuel burning and consequently no dangerous emissions polluting the environment. All thanks to a huge network of charging stations all across Europe mainland, these bikes can be charged anywhere at any outlet. Charging points can easily be found in hotels, guest houses, or even on all bike paths. Some bikes have removable batteries which are more convenient to charge. Charging these batteries is the icing on the top as it takes merely a few hours, mostly 2-3 hours depending on the type, to fully get charged.