Discover These 7 Most Unique Roads in the World

Road travels are so fascinating. With music running in the background, having snacks while talking to your travel buddy, gossiping, giggling, stopping at petrol stations, enjoying scenic views while traveling from one place to another- this all seems so fun. And just imagine when the roads are not simply straight, instead are uniquely designed by the engineers, they make our road trips more splendid. I have compiled the list of most unique roads in the world.

Most Crooked Street – USA

Lombard Street, SanFrancisco

Lombard Street in California’s San Francisco holds the title of being the most crooked street in the world. One section of this one-way street has eight tight turns, one after the other with a very little gap. The recommendation speed, according to the signboard installed at the road, is 5mph (8km/h). Approximately, 2 million visitors per year get to see this tourist attraction. Don’t forget to have a walk or drive on this particular road when you visit this city next time.

Most Dangerous Road – Bolivia

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Also called the ‘Road of Death’, this North Yungas Road stretches from the capital of Bolivia, La Paz to Coroico. With as many as 200-300 people dying annually, the single-lane road has 600-metres high cliff on its one side. Low visibility due to fog or rain is the major cause of the fatality rate.

The Steepest Road – New Zealand

Baldwin Street, New Zealand

With average slop of just over 1:5 ratio, the city of Dunedin takes pride in having the world’s steepest road. The ratio explains that for every 5 meters distance covered horizontally, the vehicle also travels 1 meter vertically. The maximum sloping point on the road has a ratio of 1:2.86 i-e for every 2.86 traveled horizontally, you travel 1 meter vertically. Boom!! That’s steeply insane!

The Widest Street – Argentina

9 de Julio Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina

With numerous interesting drives all over the world, the drive on 9 de Julio Avenue in Argentina is a unique one. Why? Because it is the widest street in the whole world stretching over one km. There are seven lanes in each direction followed by parallel streets (two lanes each) on both flanks. The street is named after Argentina’s Independence Day which is celebrated on 9th July.

Most Frozen Road – Antarctica

McMurdo South Pole Highway, Antartica

McMurdo South Pole Highway, which is also known as South Pole Traverse, is a 995miles long highway. It links McMurdo Station on the US coast to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The most southerly road remains densely snow-covered throughout the year. Although it’s not paved but is marked by flags to show the route.

Guoliang Tunnel – China

Guoliang Tunnel, China

The village of Guoliang is located on the top of the rugged Taihang Mountains in China. The carved steep tunnel linking the village to the outside was constructed in 1977. The drive through the spectacular tunnel with narrow, rough, and winding roads is an exhilarating experience for travel junkie. And now, it’s a famous place for film shooting.

Atlantic Ocean Road – Norway

Lærdal Tunnel, Norway

A 5.4 long mile-long road on Norway’s west coast, also known as Atlanterhavsveien, connects the island of AverØy with the mainland. This Atlantic Ocean Road links many islands and skerries together via multiple bridges, among which the Storseisundet Bridge is the most famous one. An enormous amount of 122 million was spent on its creation which later opened in 1989. This bridge is considered to be among the best shooting place for the advertisements.

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7 Most Unique Roads In the World