Best Places to Visit in Cappadocia

Did you ever ponder about the beauty of Cappadocia, Turkey, and intended to explore it? Cappadocia is well-known for strange landscapes, underground cities, amazing balloon flights, and epic hiking. Cappadocia is always on the top list of travelers but most of the people do not know that it is a vast region comprising many cities and towns ranging from fantasy rocks of Goreme to peaceful towns of Urgup and Uchisar.

Here is a list of things you can enjoy doing in Cappadocia.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Baloon, Cappadocia

One of the amazing things that everyone dreams to do in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon ride. It is not cheap at all, but paying price is worth it. You will see amazing landscapes while riding with hundreds of people like you. The sky will be covered with hundreds of balloons and the scene is so magnificent that even if you do not go for a ride, you will enjoy seeing it.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme Open Air Museum

Gerome open air museum is a must-visit place in Cappadocia – this place will give you a feel of Cappadocia. The museum has the world’s oldest churches and well-preserved cave churches. This place is UNESCO’s world heritage site and is worthy of spending some hours.

Zelve Open Air Museum

Zelve Open Air Museum

Zelve open air museum is in close vicinity to the above mentioned Goreme open air museum. It is a peaceful place, but equally amazing and historic. The museum comprises properly preserved belonging of the Cappadocia’s largest cave-living people who lived there until the 1950s. You can have a daylong hike through empty caves and hidden churches.

The Three Beauties

The Three Beauties

The three beauties are a group of rocks that look unique from the other rocks because of their shape, which is like three maidens. You can find these rocks near the town of Urgup. Want to know an interesting fact? Well, there is a famous local tale that three unlucky sisters ran from their homes for their lovers, but as a punishment, they turned into rocks.


Uchisar Castle

Uchisar is famous for Uchisar castle, which is the most famous historical place while traveling to Cappadocia, Turkey. The castle is built around a prominent peak which can be seen from miles away. Besides enjoying the magnificence of the castle, you will also find affordable hotels in Uchisar. If you are a person who finds peace away from the crowds, Uchisar is best a pick for accommodation.

The Underground Cities

Underground Cities Cappadocia

There are hundreds of underground cities in Cappadocia and are still being discovered. The two cities Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are open for common people. These are phenomenally built cities with everything from homes to cooking areas and hidden tunnels. In the past, minorities used to build these cities to hide and escape in bad times. Derinkuyu is 18 levels deep and provides a weird experience of walking through the darkened caves far below the ground. Kaymakli is not as deep, but it is equally inspiring to walk underground through.

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