What is GOLO Diet? How Does It Help in Weight Loss

The GOLO Diet introduced in 2016 has paved its way up to those looking for shredding weight without counting calories. Until now the company pledges on helping over one million people to lose weight.

GOLO Diet offers 30-, 60- or 90- days GOLO Release Program to lose weight more smartly. The supplement ‘Release’ you purchase on their official website promises to optimize hormone balance, insulin levels, and glucose control. But that’s not all, you also have to follow eating guidelines and exercise for 15 minutes daily.

Label on the ‘Release’ supplement, it contains essential three primary minerals: Magnesium, Zinc, and Chromium. Magnesium helps our body with uniform blood circulation and keeping the heart healthy with strong bones. Zinc helps in reducing weight loss, whereas, Chromium helps in improved glucose levels in the body.

According to the creators of the GOLO Diet, the custom-tailored research focuses on a hormone, insulin, to boost energy levels, increase metabolism, and reduce fat by just balancing hormone levels. Furthermore, the team also confesses that you can eat 20-30% more food as the metabolism rate is increased and in the same window shred weight too.

GOLO Diet, woman measuring her waist

Before we understand how GOLO Diet works do, we need to understand how insulin levels impact our body. An Unbalance diet leads to an increase in glucose levels and the body stores the excess glucose as fat. These unhealthy insulin levels are the primary reasons for diabetes, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s. Whenever you feel hungry, it is due to the release of insulin. The ‘Insulin Resistance’ supplement tricks the body by preventing the release of insulin which in return makes you eat less frequently.

The GOLO Diet encourages you to consume whole, nutrient-rich foods. Such as staple food, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruits. These foods greatly affect the impact of absorption of important minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants by the body. This overall aid in weight loss and balanced sugar levels.

The potential downside of following the GOLO Diet method is that it’s costly. Second, many people may find difficult to follow the diet plan as they are used to their custom diet for a longer period. Third, the lack of research available on their platform. Many reviews by the customers or doctors on the website don’t provide their credentials, these reviews may be dummy reviews to divert sales falsely.

The bottom line is GOLO Diet focuses on losing fat by balancing insulin hormone levels, exercise, and a healthy diet with a hefty price of supplements. Weight loss will not be an easy or linear but constant intake of whole foods and with regular exercise, you can achieve it. Furthermore, detailed research is needed to determine its effectiveness.