Incredible Health Benefits of Jackfruit

All fruits are useful for human beings as they possess various nutritious benefits but very few people know the health breakthroughs of an Asian tropical fruit known as Jackfruit. It is increasingly famous these days among doctors and health professionals as every part of the tree including bark, flowers, leaves, roots have medically proven nutritional qualities. Originally native to southwest India, it has now become a widely exported fruit as it cannot be grown in cold temperatures; instead, it needs a hot and humid climate to develop. Thus the reason, it is found in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and as well as in Brazil.

The appearance is a bit deceiving. It’s thorny from outside and equally fleshy and soft from the inside with as many as 150 seeds. The squishy part called as the ‘bulb’ is either eaten as it is or cooked. Its texture is quite similar to chicken especially when it is unripe, making it a perfect substitute for meat. Considered as the largest tree-borne fruit, its weight may lie in the 4k to 10kg range and, up to 25kg in exceptional cases.

Jackfruit has solutions to major health concerns either be it related to cancer or weight reduction. Let us explore the following potential health advantages in the article. Remember that 100grams of Jackfruit serving contains fat (0.3mg), dietary fiber (2g), potassium (303mg), calcium (34mg), carbohydrates (24g), iron (0.6mg), and proteins (1g).

Incredible Health Benefits of Jackfruit

Boosts Immunity

The presence of a high level of Vitamin C and many antioxidants make the immune system strong in fighting an infection. The concentration of iron, magnesium, and copper improves blood quality as well.

Prevents Cancer

Having richness in phytochemical substances like flavonoids, saponins, and tannins along with the addition of Vitamin C, Jackfruit has all the properties of curing cancer like breast cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer. Toxins produced by the body and free radicals are known to cause cancer. The abundance of these antioxidants removes both the mentioned toxins and free radicals.

Reduces Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), foods that have ample potassium help in reducing blood pressure by counteracting the sodium effects and dropping tensions in the walls of blood vessels. Jackfruit certainly has a high amount of potassium which controls blood pressure and helps the body with a decreased likelihood of getting strokes, heart attacks, or cardio related issues. In short, it keeps our heart and circulatory system fit.

Improves Digestion

Jackfruit has a lot of high content fiber- both soluble and insoluble in an onetime meal. The former is readily broken down, releasing instant energy while the latter increases the stool bulk, helping in bowel movement. So regularly eating it improves the digestive system. No matter, how large the consumption is, it would not cause any pain. Besides, the additional advantage is that it eliminates carcinogenic chemicals out of the large intestine, thereby looking after the colon.

Enhances Vision (Anti-Aging properties)

Jackfruit is a very healthy agent in protecting our eyes. The presence of Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) helps in avoiding bacterial or viral infections and keeps the harmful free radicals away. It further prevents cataract and muscular degeneration of the retina, enhancing our eye vision. Additionally, it has some anti-aging properties as well as it treats wrinkles and looks after damaged skin which is the result of prolonged sun exposure. Free radicals that are produced by pollution are destroyed by antioxidant-rich jackfruit, giving more skin radiance.