Fitness Trends Due to COVID-19

Over the last few months, COVID-19 has greatly affected our lives. People who used to go to the gym for fitness are bound to stay home in self-quarantine. While many of us who are waiting for the lock-down to be lifted have to adapt to new fitness trends while maintaining the social distance.

Reebok has shared the infographics based on the people’s search history about popular exercises, and dieting trends across the world. Reebok Experts has shared the expected trends in popularity with respect to the country. So gear up and choose what fitness exercise suits you the best.


The most popular fitness trend High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has observed a 58% increase in articles over the internet since the lockdown. As we sit all day with barely any physical activity, the increasing belly fat can be reduced by doing a 20 minute HIIT circuit.

Virtual Training

Virtual training is a perfect alternative for the people where gyms are closed and people are self-conscious to maintain social distancing. The greatest benefit of virtual workout is that you are not bound to follow the gym timings. Make up your time table and start focusing on your fitness by using basic dumbbells, kettlebell, balance ball, jump rope, and weighted armbands. If you don’t have one, just look up on Amazon and order it online. Stay Home. Stay Safe!


According to Reebok, Yoga is the second most popular exercise globally with India, Germany, and France taking a lead in following it. An increase of 5% in Google search in the last 4 months and 49% increase in the articles written on yoga has been witnessed.

As people across the world are glued to the screens and self-quarantined, we all need to take care of our mental health. Yoga is the perfect solution to shred the stiffness piled in our body, increase muscle, strength, balance metabolism, reduce weight, improve breathing, and overall body energy.

Yoga is an evergreen exercise that will gain more popularity in the coming years.

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Group Training

With gyms, closed future training would be done in small groups or one-to-one virtual sessions. The small group of fitness enthusiasts could easily fit in a limited space while maintaining a minimum distance of 6 m apart from each person.

Instagram Live Fitness

Turn your bedroom into your workout studio and use the social app Instagram to learn from your favorite trainer on Instagram live fitness video sessions. Many instructors publish their one week timetable for their live workouts class. Take advantage of the technology and try out some new workouts or maybe a modified workout from all over the globe.

Gyms Re-Open Expectation

It will be a while before you see gyms opening again. As soon as gyms start to open, it wouldn’t be the same to walk into the gym main door and start using your favorite exercise machine. There will be a temperature sensor to read your body temperature at the entrance, no changing rooms or showers, regular sanitizing the equipment after one user uses it, and fewer machines to use for fitness.