6 Apps to Track Coronavirus and Manage Personal Health

The pandemic coronavirus has impacted significantly on our daily lives but the un-precedent burden on the hospital medical equipment and doctors has led us to take care of our health by ourselves.

In many country hospitals, Out Patient Department (OPD) has been temporarily shut down as doctors’ hands are full of handling the COVID-19 patients and are unable to see other patients in person.

But as the outbreak is rapidly growing, the government is urging the people if they have symptoms that highlight coronavirus, then they should immediately self-isolate themselves and monitor your health. Here are the top 6 mobile applications that can help you monitor your health if you have any symptoms related to coronavirus.

mobile application to track coronavirus

Apple COVID-19

This Apple COVID-19 application is produced by Apple Company to inform people about the latest updates and on how to protect their health during COVID-19. All guidelines that are provided are approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other reliable resources. The screening tools evaluate the risk of the contracting virus with you and if you do what are the necessary steps to perform.

Download Here: iOS

Centers for Disease Control

This is the official app by CDC and the best place to get the latest on the coronavirus information. The news feed is regularly updated on what’s happening right now, COVID-19 and other illnesses. The app also provides infographics, maps, videos to understand the symptoms, infected and death rate due to coronavirus.

Download Here: iOS and Android


The HealthLynked application asks the user to fill in their essential medical history and the app connects the user with a specialized doctor. This app provides 800k + healthcare providers across the US and you can choose any one of them from the online directory and learn about the areas of expertise of the doctors. Also, the app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give personalized recommendations after going through medical history.

Download Here: iOS and Android

Health Tap

The Health Tap is a virtual doctor application that gives you 24/7 access via text, call or video session. With 144k + doctors and 7.6 million members, the Health Tap is providing the best healthcare solutions to its patients from filling prescriptions to recommending you to a physical specialist. Users can buy a standard package for just $119 per individual per year with unlimited consultations.

Download Here: iOS and Android


The COVID-19 app provides the user with the infographics of coronavirus. Visualizing the outbreak location, how rapidly the virus is growing with the aid of colorful maps and graphics. The app is regularly updated and the newsfeed is filled with the latest articles on coronavirus and a ‘help’ section to walk through the user who think they are infected.

Download Here: iOS and Android

Corona Checker

The Corona Checker app is an extension of the Open Med app. To use this app, you must be an existing user of Open Med. The app is an artificial intelligence-based that walks the user to determine if he/she is qualified for the COVID-19. If your symptoms are qualified for positive concerning the CDC’s criteria. The app will send a request to the designated doctor.

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