5 Sneakiest Ways to Increase Metabolism

As we feed ourselves with delicious food to gain energy, Metabolism is the chemical reaction that takes place in our body. These chemical reactions help our body to keep on running and perform our daily vital routine.

The metabolic rate determines the rate at which your body consumes energy. Some people’s metabolic rate is faster due to their genetics but other factors such as weight, age, diet or physical activities may be the reason to alter your metabolism.

The higher is the metabolic rate, the more calories you burn and produce more energy leading to the production of serotonin enzymes, making you feel happy. Here are 5 easiest and proven ways to boost your metabolism.

Easy Ways to Increase Metabolism, woman stretching arms in the morning

Start Early

Waking early after having a good night’s sleep helps to bolster your metabolism. According to research from The Obesity Society (TOS) have concluded that those people who go early to bed and wake up early in the morning are more likely to stay fresh and perform their busy schedules rather than people who wake up late.

Increase Your Protein In-Take

The contents of your diet determine the metabolism rate. From chewing food to digesting it, the body burn calories and this overall process of consuming energy is called the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) by scientists. Foods with rich protein are difficult to digest and have a larger thermic effect. Overall protein intake increases your metabolic rate by 15% – 30% and also helps in eating less.

Drink Natural Water

Natural pure water is a gift from God that helps us in our digestion and improves our metabolism rate. Many people tend to go with artificial sugary drinks that are high in calories and helps in gaining weight. However, drinking at least half an hour before a meal or one hour after a meal helps the body in absorbing nutrients from the food. Also, some studies have shown that drinking cold water may boost metabolism as the body uses energy to make it down to body temperature.

Move More

Whether you are a working person or stays at home doing house chores, the more you work, the better is the metabolic rate. Thumb rule is you have to find a physical activity to speed up your metabolism. From cleaning your room with a vacuum cleaner to doing a set of jumping ropes while taking breaks on your job.

“A desk job is the metabolic equivalent of sleeping all day,” according to a researcher, Michele Olson at Auburn University Montgomery Scharff – Olson Kinesiology Laboratory.

Spice Up Your Food

Hot peppers contain active chemical compound capsaicin that stimulates the body to release more stress hormones which in turn speed up the metabolism rate and increases calorie burn. However, the overall effect of consuming peppers on metabolism is quite small so its recommendable to use it with other metabolism strategies. “The capsaicin from pepper extracts increase thermogenic energy expenditure, increase fat oxidation, and reduce appetite,” says Dr.Victor Prisk an orthopedic surgeon.

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  • July 28, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    I love this read! I already do most of these things, but let me tell you, getting in protein without eating a bunch of meat and what not can be really hard. But I am getting better these days. 🙂

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