5 Ajwain Tips to Boost Your Immunity and Health

For hundreds of years, herbs seeds have been used to cure many illnesses occurring in the general population. Among these herbs is a herb ‘Ajwain’ whose seeds have an emerging benefit on our body. Helping in enhanced digestion, relieving tooth or ear pain and glucose regulation are some of the examples.

Ajwain (carom seeds) is a fruit of the ajwain herb. With light green-brown color and a pungent taste, these seeds are commonly found in South Asian countries. Locals in these regions often use it as a whole seed or in powdered form in several dishes.

Carom seeds are filled with numerous nutrients with carbohydrates (37%), protein (15%), fat (18%), fiber (12%), and other remaining with calcium, tannins, iron, phosphorus, iron and nicotinic acid.

As the pandemic coronavirus has taken the world to a brief stop, you can use ajwain to boost your metabolism and improve your immunity just by taking a half tablespoon of ajwain with a pinch of salt and by drinking a glass of warm water. Keep on reading to get to know more facts and benefits of using ajwain in daily routine.

Ajwain Tips to Boost Your Immunity and Health

Lower Blood Pressure

Higher blood pressure is a greater risk to a stroke or heart disease. Ajwain contains ‘Thymol’, a component that contains calcium-channel blockers that blocks calcium entering heart cells and eventually makes blood vessels expanded, thus lowering blood pressure. Further research on channel blocker is underway.

Improve Digestion

Take half tablespoon of ajwain with warm water or you can boil ajwain seeds in water and drink it. This will help in secreting more digestive enzymes and gastric juice in your stomach to accelerate the breakdown of the food you ate. Besides this all, carom seeds treat gas and chronic indigestion.

Prevent Coughing

Studies have shown that the carom seeds contain anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and anti-oxidant properties that improve airflow to the lungs and can treats cough. To treat cough naturally, you need to use any oil for massaging purposes. Heat it with ajwain seeds and rub the oil on chest. In no time, you will be relieved from cough and cold. Or you can add honey to ajwain tea to reduce coughing and congestion

Boost Immunity

Ajwain contains active compound ‘Thymol’ and ‘Carvacrol’. Both of these compounds inhibit the growth of bacteria or fungi and especially, combats the bacteria that are responsible for food poisoning.

Treat Pain due to Arthritis

Ajwain contains anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties that can help ease arthritis pain. It reduces itching, redness, and pain caused due to inflammatory skin diseases. Crush some ajwain seeds and mix it with massage oil, make a paste and apply on the affected area.