2-Minute Habits that Will Change Your Life Forever

Every person wants to change lives for a better tomorrow but where to start from? Should it be a healthier diet or a morning exercise that would add the positivity in life? The secret to changing your life is choosing small goals that would integrate into a bigger goal over time.

Today, I‘ll be sharing with you six quick habits that are easy to implement and which would take merely 2 minutes on average to yield results that you haven’t imagined before. Just remember to add consistency to these habits.

Focus Your Breathing

Whenever you are stressed, you start to feel anxious and breathe rapidly without being noticed. Next time this happens, just take a sit and take deep breaths from your nose. All you have to do is do this for two minutes and this deep breathing pattern signals the brain to calm down and relax. Now, you can resume your work feeling relaxed and focused.

Chew Food Slowly

There are moments when you are in a hurry and just dump food in your stomach without chewing it well. This leads to indigestion, a bloated feeling and a longer period for the nutrients to be absorbed in the bloodstream. The more you chew the food, the more the saliva (enzyme to breakdown food) mixes with the food. This leads to better digestion and absorption of nutrients, thus better health.

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Drink Warm Water

Slightly warm water is effective for digestion. Many people drink warm lemon water early in the morning to prevent constipation. Lemons are rich with Vitamin C and fiber that boost the immune system. By drinking this warm lemon glass, you will feel less inflammation, reduced muscle pains, improved dental health, and enhanced hydration.

Take Movement Breaks

Stuck in your professional office work? Take a two-minute break more often and do a physical movement. This would help in better blood circulation, relaxation of the stiff muscles especially the ones that build muscles while sitting on a chair and looking at a screen. According to Jim White, an ACSM certified trainer, quick workouts change the brains working which, in turn, increases productivity and focus.

Walk Barefoot

Walking barefoot affects the way we use our bones and muscles in the feet. The receptors at the bottom of the foot are more active and respond to different temperatures of the floor. Barefoot improves balance, body awareness, relieves pain in the hips, or ankle joints. A research in 2012, concluded walking barefoot recharges your body and improves mood and sleep.

Express Gratitude

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take out two minutes daily and jolt down the things that you are thankful for. The more you express gratitude, the better is your health. Gratitude makes you happy, increases psychological well-being, strengthens relationships and enhances empathy. With gratitude, people recognize the good things they have and in a bigger picture more positive vibes emerge.

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