Surprising Facts about Princess Diana’s Classic Wedding Dress

One of the most royal wedding dresses of all time is of no other than Princess Diana’s. Her dress remained a mystery till the very last moment until it was made public when she finally walked down the aisle. Thus, the reason the iconic dress is considered as “the most closely guarded secret in fashion history.” The long ivory gown was the creation of the famous British label, Alexander McQueen and was adorned with intricate details including sequins, as many as 10,000 pearls and lace. David and Elizabeth Emanuel were tasked to design her wedding gown and the couple surely succeeded in their task.

Ever since then, many people have tried to copy the design but no dress can match the style and grandeur of the original dress. Many interesting facts about this taffeta gown are listed below.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles
Kept it traditional

Princess of Wales, Diana preferred to keep the dress of her most memorable day as traditional as it could be. The fabric used for her antique gown was especially spun at a British silk farm. Besides, a small blue colored bow was sewn into the waistband. It was paired with an 18th-century beautiful tiara that once belonged to the Spencer family. Moreover, a special square of lace on the gown once belonged to Queen Mary.

Gown hardly fit in the Royal Couch

According to Elizabeth Emanuel, Princess Diana’s wedding gown with 25 feet long tail was very difficult to fit in the carriage which was to take her to St. Paul’s Cathedral. As the fabric was folded over and over to fit, spectators witnessed many wrinkles on her dress.

Small perfume stain on gown

Mishaps can happen to anyone. As per her make-up artist Barbara Daly, perfume Quelques Fleurs was accidentally spilled by the 2o-years old princess leaving a small stain. Nonetheless, she quickly tucked that part of her dress in, hiding it.

Resizing of her dress

Since Princess Diana lost a significant amount of weight before the wedding day, her final version of the dress had to be altered from a 27-inch waist to a 23-inch waist.

Veil longer than her tail

As mentioned earlier, the tail of the dress was 25 feet long. Even more impressive part was the 153-yard tulle veil which was attached to her tiara and longer than her train.

Installation of safe to keep her dress secret

As soon as the news got out that Emanuel’s would design the royal dress, the media outlets started pouring in to get the dress details out of the couple. So, they installed a safe to keep her dress a secret.

Took six months to manufacture shoes

Consisted of 542 sequins and 132 pearls, the stunning low heel silk shoes took as many as six months to make. Though the glamorous addition was hidden beneath her gown, the arc of each shoe contained letters C and D for Charles and Diana respectively.

Creation of a matching umbrella

It is surprising to know the readiness of Emanuels that they even created an umbrella with matching pearls and lace embroidery details just in case of rain for Diana’s big day. 

Left her dress to her sons in her will

According to the princess’s will, her bridal gown was preserved safely all these years since its original unveiling in 1981 and has been passed down to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry in 2014.