Knowing Celebrity Couples with Significant Age Differences

Falling in love doesn’t require specifications. There is no fixed rule that you have to get married at this certain age and time and the age difference between the couple should be this much. Age is just a number, especially for celebrities. People do raise their eyebrows when they see a young person tying the knot with an elderly person yet a major age difference cannot stop the love birds to have a blissful relationship.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney, Amal Clooney

The famous TV stars have a huge age difference of 17 years and yet they are so madly in love. The world’s most favorite bachelor George at the age of 52 proposed to his gonna-be soul mate and a human rights lawyer, Amal who was 35-year-old. Following that, they soon got married in a private ceremony in Italy. The couple currently has twins, Alexander and Ella.

With regards to his marital life, Clooney stated recently that “There were all the jokes and the bits and I get all that stuff, but I couldn’t be happier right now.”

David Foster and Katharine McPhee     

Katharine McPhee, David Foster

Katharine McPhee, 34, American Idol winner got proudly engaged to his lover who is 34 years elder than her. David Foster, a well-known music producer who is currently 68-years old is trolled by many strangers for marrying a woman with the age of his daughter. His daughter Erin Foster is just one-year older than McPhee.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DiRossi

Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DiRossi

Very few people know that the hit show host, Ellen DeGeneres, and her same-sex soul mate have an age difference of 15 years. The couple met in 2004 and got married in 2008 after the ban was lifted on same-sex-marriage by the California Supreme Court. They tied the knot in a stunning Beverly Hills ceremony. In one of her interviews, Ellen talked about his marriage, “I’m so grateful for the love in my life because not everybody finds that. Not everybody finds that best friend.”

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas

Here is another example of a major celebrity power couple. The youngest of Jonas Brothers who are all famous for their American music band, Nick Jones came to meet Priyanka through some mutual friend circle in 2016. Friendship changed into dating and just after two months, Jonas proposed to his love. Quantico star, Priyanka aged 36 is now married to Nick who is 11 years younger than her. During a talk-show when host, Jimmy Kimmel jokingly asked Chopra about their marked age difference, she smartly replied, “I didn’t ask his age.11? I didn’t know that. Good to know.”

Beyonce and J-Zay

Beyonce, Jay-Z, NBA basketball game

The famous names of the worldwide music industry are known to everyone. Beyonce and J-Zay met when she was in her late teens. At the age of 19, while he was 31, the couple started dating which continued for seven years. Finally, they got hitched in a very secret ceremony in 2008. First, they had a daughter Blue Ivy in 2012 followed by twins Sur and Rumi in 2018.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds

Having a not-so-big difference of 11 years, the amazing couple got married in 2012 and are now the proud parents of two daughters, James and Inez. The duo met for the first on the set of “Green Lantern” when Blake aged just 22 rose to fame at the time because of her role in Gossip Girl. Reynolds was merely 33 years old and was married to Scarlet Johansson.

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