First Date Outfit Ideas

Let’s agree that the first date could be uncomfortable. It makes you all nervous. You just don’t know what to wear or even if you know what suits you the best, you think too much. You get stuck in “what if.” Don’t worry, we got you covered. Below is the list of the best first date outfits. These outfits will not only boost your confidence but will also provide those killer looks that could make your Bae all crazy for you. However, if things do not turn out well, your dresses won’t go in in vain. These outfits can be worn on any special occasion.

Shirt-dress & Colorful Shoes

Stylish creme color heels

If you are planning to go on a lunch date, then show off your charming looks to your date with this classic shirt-dress. It is a perfect lunch date dress that would make you look amazing. Spice your looks further with colorful shoes to be more confident and proactive. You can also wear a blazer with it if you want to look cool. But, we suggest, shirt-dress with bright shoes would do the job for you.

Cardigan with Scarf

Stylish maroon skirt

Do you want to wear a casual date night outfit and still look perfect? Then the combination of a cardigan with a scarf is the answer for you. The scarf complements the cardigan very well.  We suggest you not to wear a vibrant scarf. It could be a major turnoff for your partner. Try to wrap the scarf y-shaped, it would look beautiful on you. Overall, it is a great date outfit idea.

 Going Out Top with Blue Jeans 

Black top with blue jeans

It is a perfect date night outfit. It would never go out of fashion. It is super comfortable and very simple. There is nothing crazy about it. But it looks aesthetically pleasing on the eye. It is an elegant dress that could make your crush go bananas. We suggest you not to wear fancy shoes with this pair. Just try to use simple low heels from your wardrobe and you are ready to go.

Leopard Print Mini with Cute Boots

Woman wears a leopard dress with long boots

If you want to look super sexy, opt for leopard print mini. It is a classic date dress that just makes you appear hot. But remember that leopard is not a vibrant dress, so try to wear something fancy like knee sized boots. When these two pair up, it seems like nothing will stop your partner from falling for you.

Printed Skirt Along with T-Shirts

Stylish maroon skirt

This is our personal favorite. It is super cool and total fun. It serves as a major style statement. It is perfect for a person who loves skirts. Basically, you can wear any skirt with a t-shirt tucked in. There is no universal rule. It just depends on your mood whether you prefer a printed mini skirt or a midi skirt.

Black is the Color

A model wears a complete black dress

Many people think that red is the color of the date. But, according to the study of the Britain University of Lincoln black is the right color if you are on a date.  According to the research, wearing black increases your chances of finding the right partner. 

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