8 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In the World

Getting married or engaged is a joyous occasion to be celebrated and cherished. Some couples show love and affection through love letters, romantic emails, sending gifts or spending time together somewhere special and unique. Quite a few people try to spend their money on buying a piece of jewelry especially rings. On a woman’s part, getting a diamond ring on her engagement is one of the most exciting things that can happen to her. She would flaunt that little but very expensive sparkling diamond in front of her loved ones.

When it comes to the showbiz industry, celebrities are no different in getting such a posh gift. Wealthy men go as far as spending lavishly on a ring for a woman they love. They would go the extra mile to buy a million dollars ring.

Here, we have compiled through various sources like Elite Readers, Hello Magazine & Bride a list of most expensive engagement rings in the fashion world.

Melania Trump – $3 Million

Melania Trump wearing engagement ring

Current US President Donald Trump presented a stunning 15-carat emerald cut diamond to his wife Melania.

Jennifer Lopez – $4.5 Million

Jennifer Lopez wearing engagement ring

Marc Anthony proposed to famous songwriter Jennifer Lopez in 2004 by gifting her rare blue 8.5-carat diamond ring designed by jeweler Neil Lane. Unfortunately, the engagement did not last long. Earlier as well, she got the 6-carat pink diamond ring given by her former husband, Ben Affleck.

Grace Kelly – $4.6 Million

Grace Kelly Ring

Prince Rainier II of Monaco proposed to elegant Grace Kelly with a 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond ring in 1995. The ring was by renowned jeweler Cartier.

Paris Hilton- $4.7 Million

Paris Hilton wearing engagement ring

A 24-carat engagement ring was given to Paris Hilton by her ex-fiancé, Paris Latsis. Sadly, the engagement ended soon and got separated. After this, the ring was auctioned off to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Beyonce – $5 Million

Beyonce wearing engagement ring

Lorraine Schwartz designed an 18-carat emerald cut diamond ring set in platinum and octagon-cut for producer Jay-Z who gifted it to his now-wife, Beyonce. The quality of the diamond is extremely high.

Kim Kardashian – $8 Million

Kim Kardashian Ring

Kanye proposed to Kim by presenting his love with an amazing 15 carat D color, perfect cushion cut diamond. This ring was also designed by Lorraine Shwartz.

Elizabeth Taylor – $8.8 Million

Elizabeth Taylor ring

Having the title of the most expensive celebrity engagement ring for many decades, Elizabeth’s ring was given by her late husband, Richard Burton. The ring consisted of 33 carat in Asscher cut and in D color. It was auctioned after the queen’s death and is currently owned by an Asian businessman.

Mariah Carey – $10 Million

Mariah Carey Ring

Topping them all is Mariah Carey’s emerald-cut diamond ring of massive 35-carats set in solid platinum. It was given to her by his billionaire ex-fiance, James Packer who is an Australian businessman. The magnificent ring was the creation of Wilfredo Rosado but unfortunately, seven months after their engagement, their wedding was called off.

engagement ring in blue box
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    Great blog, it’s grocery the price people pay for jewelry!

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