6 Things Men Should Never Wear to a Job Interview

Whether you are applying for your very first job or some other dream job, how you dress up for the interview is very important. The initial good impression goes a long way. You have already wowed them with your resume and now it’s time to show your impressing personality. This would give you more chances of being selected for the right job. The moment you step in the interview room, the first thing people notice is your clothing which showcases who and what you are. So be sure you make the impression worthwhile and avoid wearing the following things at all costs.

men should not wear for job interview
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Suit or No Suit

The nature of the job for which you are applying determines if you need to have a formal look or a more casual but decent look. A long time back, suits were the ultimate uniform for all sorts of interviews. Trends changed and today men have a choice to opt for a suit or not. If a candidate is applying for a bank or corporate sector job then it is highly advisable to go for a formal look. Conversely, if it’s a tech-job, then a shirt and trouser coupled with a blazer will also work fine. Even in this, there are certain do’s and don’ts. Let’s go through them one by one.

Bright and Flashy Colors

Try to avoid wearing bold and flashy colors. Wearing red, green, yellow, neon is a big NO. Too bright colors might distract the interviewer, giving a very bad and negative impact. Instead, go for less dramatic colors and prefer subtle, sober colors like navy blue, grey, brown. Even if you plan to wear a daring color, be sure that the overall design of your dress counterbalances it.

Bold Prints

Bold and floral prints are appropriate for beaches and vacation travel. Shirts with cartoons and doodles are always too eye-catching. Remember, it should be you seeking attention, not your shirt prints. Play with plain or basic dress shirts and if you need a bit variation, the striped shirt is always the best option.

Bow Tie or Funky Tie

If it’s a wedding you are attending, you are most welcome to wear bow ties or some other funky ties. But here this is your dream job interview and the panel is looking for a responsible and serious person who can add to the company’s success. So better go for some traditional ties.

Ripped Denims

Donning jeans is generally not a good idea for appearing in interviews. Even if you have to, make sure it is not a ripped denim. Torn or ripped clothing is entirely not acceptable for obvious reasons. So with dark-colored denim, please pair it up with a nicely ironed light-colored shirt. Other than jeans, if you are wearing formal pants, avoid low-rise, distressed or tight ones.

Flip-flops or Sneakers

No matter how comfy sneakers are and how cool they look, wearing them during the interview is just a bad idea.

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