6 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

It is the dream of every bride to select the perfect wedding dress for her big day. A lot of money, time, and effort is put in to buy an exquisite dress. People belonging from affluent backgrounds with their limitless budget invest a handsome amount of money on their custom-designed gowns. Some even go to the extent to add thousands of embellishment.

Wedding dresses in western culture consist of mostly white color. The trend was set back in 1840 when Queen Victoria wore a white silk lace gown on her wedding with Prince Albert. It was quite contrary to the prevailing traditional culture of wearing red by the royals in their marriage ceremony. Nevertheless, these dresses have evolved beautifully and we have examples of celebrities like Anne Hathway, Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani, and Reese Witherspoon who have chosen their own style by not wearing white color on their marital reception.

Let’s take a look at the most expensive wedding dresses worn by royals or celebrities or fashion models.

Princess Diana – $113,801

princess diana wedding dress

One of the most famous royal gowns of Princess Diana was designed by husband-and-wife team David and Elizabeth Emanuel. They made use of sequins, frilled lace, and 10,000 pearls. Its fabric was specially prepared on the British silk farm. Diana paired her stylish dress with the Spencer family 18th’s century Tiara.

Kate Middleton – $388,088

Kate Middleton wedding dress

Kate Middleton’s bridal dress was the effort of Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. She wanted to have a traditional as well as modern touch in her dress that’s why she chose the prominent British brand. The body of the dress was corset style with a little padded below the midsection. All the lacework of the 9 feet long dress was hand done.

Kim Kardashian – $399,389

kim kardashian wedding dress

Kim wore a custom made wedding dress designed by a luxury fashion brand, Givenchy.

Peacock Dress – $1.5million

peacock wedding dress

Vera Wang is famous among animal rights activists for creating a dress purely made of peacocks feathers. With the help of seven other designers and spending two months on its making, more than 2000 feathers are used. On average, a male peacock sheds almost 200 feathers each season, implying that the designer would have collected the feather of more than 10 birds in one year.

Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress – $8.5 million

Yumi Katsura wedding dress

This dress is not yet worn by a bride due to its whopping price. The lavish dress boasts a rare 5-carat white gold diamond, an 8.8-carat green diamond, and at least 1000 pearls. It is the creation of a global designer Yumi Katsura who has 50 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She studied fashion in Paris and was the first person to ever demonstrate the bridal collection show in Japan.

The Diamond Wedding Gown – $12 million

diamond wedding gown

A wonderful creation by Renee Strauss is commendable. With the help of diamonds, she designed it in such a way that when the bride moves, a magnificent sparkle is created due to light reflecting on 150 carats of diamonds. The most expensive dress is the combination of a dressmaker and a jeweler. In this case, Renee teamed with the renowned jeweler and a designer, Martin Katz who is famous in Beverly Hills and has designed many dresses for actresses like Angelina Jolie, Carrie Mulligan, and Hillary Swank.

expensive wedding dress, peacock dress

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